10 Time-Saving Food Photography Tips

Running a blog is a time consuming endeavor. As I’m sure many of you know, running a food blog is especially tricky. There’s the cooking, the photographing, the writing, and of course, the eating! Because I lead a somewhat busy life, I’ve always tried to find more efficient and time-saving ways to blog about food because lets face it, our lives are not getting less busy!

Like many of you, my recipe posts tend to be dishes that I make for dinner or breakfast, which means that I usually don’t have hours of time to photograph the dish. I cook, photograph, and eat.  Working this way is not necessarily my favorite—knowing that my food is getting cold while trying to photograph forces me to rush through the process.  Because of this the quality of my photographs tends to suffer…..that is until I developed and implemented these time-saving tips!

Time-Saving Food Photography Tips

1.  Setup your lights, table setting, and camera before you start cooking.  Once food is ready simply place on the plate, click the shutter and eat.

2. Make extra of whatever your dish is and photograph AFTER you’ve eaten your meal.

3. Develop 5 standard compositions and reuse these over and over. Change the type of plate or color of napkin to add variety.

4. Organize your image folders by month. This cuts down on locating files when trying to submit to sites, etc.

5. Photograph the whole dish, pot and all, rather than a single serving plate…This way once your done with dinner, all you have to do is photograph the Lasagna pan in the dish.

6. If you have the space, dedicate an area or tabletop to photography. Leave everything setup so that the shooting process takes less time from start to finish.

7. Keep your batteries charged and always have an extra! There have been countless of times when my battery wasn’t charged and my shoot took longer because I had to wait!

8. Shoot tethered to your computer. Tethering your shoot means that your camera is directly connected to your computer. The computer actually controls the camera and once you click the shutter the image automatically downloads to the computer…no more downloading images!

9. Simplify the props, napkins and styling of the photograph for speedier shoot. Less is more!

10. Use food substitutes to re-create a dish after you’ve devoured it. I’ve used plain cream to re-create eggnog because we gobbled it up before I had a chance to photograph it. Be creative!

Do you have any time saving tips?