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Calphalon Contemporary Stainless 16-Inch Roasting Pan Review

Cooking is both a gratifying and fun experience for most people.  I mean, it’s what got me to start Help My Kitchen!  People who prepare food for their family, guests, and loved ones enjoy the cooking process and serving the meals they have prepared.  Thus, these cooks require the best cookware and cooking tools needed to make the cooking process a more enjoyable one.  The Calphalon roasting pans are the best fit for cooks who need to have this great experience.

Having a large, durable roaster in your kitchen becomes a necessity for every person who enjoys cooking.  Whether it’s for a roast for the family or a large turkey for a huge gathering, having the best roaster for your money is invaluable for your kitchen.

I have to admit it took me a long time to actually spend more than a few bucks on a roaster.  I figured I didn’t use it that much, so why should I spend money on it?  Well, I’m glad I finally invested in a great roaster because it really makes a HUGE difference.  And believe it or not, it will save you money in the long-run because a good roaster will last forever!

This review will discuss why I think you should utilize the Calphalon LRS1805P Contemporary Stainless 16-Inch Roasting Pan for this purpose, and make your entire roasting experience not only easy but also very effective and affordable.  There are varying reasons why this roasting pan is considered to be one of the most highly trusted roasting pans among different users, and my review will elaborate each one.

Calphalon Roasting Pan

Calphalon Roasting Pan Review

Calphalon Roasting Pan Construction

The Calphalon Roasting Pan is a 16-inch roaster made of stainless steel and includes a nonstick roasting rack. A 3-ply stainless steel layer comprises this pan, and it has superior conductivity because of the aluminum used at its core.  It features a nonstick coating roasting rack that is V-shaped.

What Makes This Calphalon Roasting Pan Different from Others

Like I said, this Calphalon roasting pan boasts a 16 inch roaster size.   This size is good for cooking every type of large meat, including those huge 18-20 pound turkeys for Thanksgiving.  It is practical for cooking other kinds of meats and meals as well. Good roasters should have at least 4 inch high sides to be able to handle all the juices that spray, and the Calphalon roasting pan fulfills this. There are also sturdy handles that stay cool for easy transport of a heavy loaded roaster.

Since the Calphalon roasting pan consists of a 3-ply stainless steel, it has a heavier, encapsulated base that can result in better performance. This roasting pan consists of 18/10 stainless steel layers that can give the owner a lifetime of a roasting in a rust-free pan.  This also makes the roasting pan easier to clean, and it’s high stainless quality makes it less problematic to staining.

Because it is so durable and made with multiple steel layers as well as a full-aluminum core, this pan can be used on the burners/stove top in order to deglaze and use the drippings to make a fabulous sauce.  This is not something you can do with alot of the cheaper pans out there.  This ability to use the pan on the burner to make sauces is really why I loved getting a good roasting pan!  With the cheap ones I bought before this was impossible.

The roasting rack has been designed in a V shape to ensure easy of use, and has a nonstick coating which makes it very easy for cleaning.  The roaster rack is a part of the ‘Contemporary Stainless Line’ by Calphalon.  The non stick rack can be easily lifted up for the transportation of your food after it has been cooked and roasted.

The design is not only contemporary but also stunning, which will add more elegance to your kitchen utensils and cookware. I even get compliments from my friends when they see the roaster…and sometimes I don’t even get the compliments on the food!  The design has been developed taking into account the modern styles and to ensure professional performance every time.

The surface is durable and can be handled with various utensils. The handles of the rack are made of cast stainless steel so that they remain cool while the entire item is on heat and are more horizontal so that they fit into an oven much easier than more vertical handles. The rack and roaster can be easily placed in temperatures of up to 700 F in both broilers and ovens and comes with a lifetime warranty by the company.

While the Calphalon roasting pan is less expensive than it’s main competitor made by All-Clad, this product is just as good if not better.  If you read alot of the reviews on the web like at places like Amazon, which is exactly what I did, you will see that lots of cooks agree with us on this point as well.  The Calphalon, along with the Cuisinart roasting pan, delivers an extremely high-quality roasting pan without the huge price tag of the All-Clad.

Other Features:

Superior conductivity and heating is distributed evenly by the 16 inch roasting pan

Highly conductive full-aluminum core is surrounded by a 3-ply 18/10 stainless steel

Easy transport is provided by the sturdy, stay-cool handles

Safe to be used in dishwashers; Safe in ovens and broilers of up to 700 degrees F; A nonstick cooking rack is included

Dimension is 16x4x13 inches; lifetime warranty is limited

History of Calphalon

Calphalon has been passionate for culinary delights in the form of its cookware since 1963.  Their cookware has been prepared and manufactured in a professional environment that ensures that all the kitchen accessories and appliances meet its rigorous quality standards.

Judging by the efficiency of its products, you can without a doubt know that their development has been inspired by the “chef at a home” who has the passion to cook and create innovative meals through their own thought process and techniques.  The company was the first in the food service industry to adopt aerospace technology in the manufacturing of various kitchen appliances.

They utilized the hard anodizing technique, which is basically an electrochemical process, to treat raw aluminum and manufacture a professional and elegant range of cookware under the brand name of Calphalon.

The company was initially involved in the sale of its cookware to various commercial kitchens and restaurants.  In 1975 it entered the retail sector and started selling its professional and highly innovative cookware to household consumers.  These consumers were simply looking forward to purchasing cookware which would ensure superior results, enhance their cooking performance, and also enable them to enjoy long lasting durability of their equipment.  Consumers, home-cooks and amateur chefs had the desire to make meals which were similar to those created and cooked by gourmet chefs, and Calphalon was meeting those needs.


The Calphalon roasting pan has a nonstick roasting rack which can peel after some time.  If it does begin to peel you will need to replace the rack.  This does not happen very often, and as long as you wash the rack properly and according to directions you should not have this problem.

The handle design of the Calphalon is angled at a more horizontal angle which has been reported by some reviewers as being slightly awkward.  On the other hand alot of reviewers also really loved the handle design so this is more of preference type of thing for most cooks.  I personally love the handle design.

The product weighs around 11 pounds so it is somewhat heavy, thus it can be a little difficult to wash for some people.  I am not a very big person and I am able to handle it’s size OK.

Customers LOVE the Calphalon roasting pan…

I went through and picked out some of the best and most informed testimonials from Amazon!

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The Calphalon LRS1805P Contemporary Stainless 16-Inch Roaster is an excellent choice in buying a great quality of roasting pans.  Amazon offers an affordable price with the great quality that these roasting pans provide.  Overall, this Calphalon roasting pan would provide an amazing cooking experience to cooks worldwide.  I will NOT be disappointed with this beautiful piece of cookware.