Fat Daddios Bakeware – Professional Baking Pans For Your Home

Fat Daddios 7 Piece Professional Baking Set Great For Home Bakers!

Now I’ve never been much of a baker.  In fact, I have to admit that alot of the time I used to just buy the mixes from the supermarket because I don’t have the time to bake from scratch.  I know, it’s terrible!

But recently I have really gotten into baking, as I like to bring cakes and pies to friends and family when I visit them.  It really brings a smile to their face which is always nice to see.  So when I did begin to bake more, I looked around for some good quality stuff at a reasonable price, and ran into Fat Daddios bakeware.

So why did I buy Fat Daddio’s bakeware and baking pans?

It’s funny because I never actually heard of this company, but when I read the customer reviews online and on Amazon, I decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did because the stuff is great and didn’t cost a fortune. Besides the awesome Amazon reviews, there were a bunch of reasons why I went with this set. Here is the information on this product that I found through my research before I bought it …maybe you’ll decide to give it a try too. At the very least, I will have saved you time researching this product. So fire up your Keurig with your favorite roast and check out my review :)

Fat Daddio’s has been making quality cookware and bakeware since the 1960s. Their catalog boasts a long list of just about everything a baker needs, from bread pans, to cookie cutters, to muffin pans, to cookie sheets. They specialize in commercial grade baking equipment, taking them a step above your average store-bought pots and pans.

Cooks looking for the best in bakeware should consider Fat Daddio’s 7-piece Professional Baking Set. A cut above ordinary baking sets, Fat Daddio’s are designed to be used by only the professionals. This means that you’ll be able to get quality cookware and a perfectly finished product.

Fat Daddios Bakeware - Professional Baking Pans For Your Home

Not only will you be able to make the bread or cake you want, you’ll be able to rely on the product for as long as your own it. Fat Daddio’s are constructed to last a lifetime, making for years of great food.

Fat Daddio’s Bakeware and Baking Pans

Product Details

Each Fat Daddio’s bakeware set comes complete with seven different pieces of commercial strength baking pans. Each pan is made with anodized aluminum, making it sturdier than most other bakeware pieces on the market. Anodized aluminum is also very low maintenance and can protect itself from acidic foods and detergents. This material is also dishwasher safe, making clean up a whole lot easier. As an added bonus, anodized aluminum is abrasion resistant. The anodized finish also prevents against peeling, chipping, or flaking.

So, not only do these pans provide the even and thorough cooking that comes with aluminum, they also come with anodized aluminum to make both your pan and your food the best they can be. The aluminum’s anodized treatment allows for fast and more even rising in breads and cakes, and makes cake releases go just a little bit smoother. The best part of anodized treatment is the fact that pans with the treatment do not require any greasing or spraying before use.

Product Specifics

With 7 different pieces included, there’s virtually nothing the bakeware set can’t tackle.  Each set comes with professional grade cookware, and includes…

Two 9 inch x 2 inch deep professional grade round pans, ideal for tiered cakes and tarts.

One 8 inch x 8 inch x 2 inch square pan, ideal for brownies and other bakes goods.

One 13 inch by 18 inch jelly roll pan.

One 9 inch x 13 inch cookie sheet, ideal for cookies, biscuits, and other individual baked goods.

One 9 inch pie pan for…pies!

One 1 pound bread pan for…ummm bread!.

Combine these great pans with your KitchenAid mixer and you have a professional baking kitchen right at home!

Customer Reviews

You would be hard pressed to find a negative review of Fat Daddio’s 7 piece Professional Bakeware Set. Customers have raved about Fat Daddio’s impressive quality and durability, and the ease in cleaning up. Customers also love the set’s versatility, most claiming that they use the set on a daily basis. The pans’ anodized features also proved quite useful in helping to clean up the pans and keeping them free from residue and leftover foods. Customers’ favorite feature, by far, is the pans’ non-stick surface, which seldom requires spraying or greasing before baking.

Practically the only downside to the set is that there aren’t enough pieces in it. Most customers ended up purchasing two sets so that they could double recipes and cut down on their cooking time. Some buyers also reported that pans arrived and appeared to be slightly dented, although this did not impede their performance in any way.  Mine did not come dented, although I would urge you to send them back if there was some sort of problem due to mishandling of the product on it’s way to your door.

The only reason to NOT buy this set in my opinion is if you absolutely need something in a set that this one doesn’t include, like a cupcake pan. Or if you are interested in silicone bakeware. If you do want a cupcake pan, for example, you can always buy that separately because for the price and the pieces you get in this set, you really can’t go wrong.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Well, as I told you in the begging of my little article here, I think this is a great product for your aspiring professional bakers! All of Fat Daddio’s products are high quality and professional grade. This means that whatever piece of cookware you buy will have the same quality as the cookware used in your favorite bakeries and restaurants. So, if you want the same quality baking, this particular set of Fat Daddio’s bakeware is the product for you.