Food Styling Trend: Two Is Better Than One

Food Photography Tip

Last week I posted about a certain prop styling trend I was noticing involving napkins. Napkins tucked under plates. Napkins crumbled in the background. Napkins, napkins, napkins!

While flipping through my recent Bon Apetit I noticed yet another trend: Double dishes. Using this styling trick is a simple way to add visual interest to an otherwise dull image….and it’s double the fun!

Food Styling Trend: Two Is Better Than One

Make Two, Not One

What I really like about this styling trick is it’s simplicity. To utilize this trick all you have to do is plate two of whatever it is you’re photographing.

Place one in the foreground and one in the background…and you’re done!

The reason this trick works is because having two of the same thing adds repetition and pattern which is always pleasing to the eye. Having two plates also helps to fill the frame without adding too many props and over crowding the shot. The following images are all from Food & Wine magazine. Take a look at how using two food items can give different results.

Food Styling: Two Is Better Than One
Food Styling Photography: Two Is Better Than One
Food Styling Photography: Using 2 Items instead of 1

Do you utilize this styling trick in your shots? If so I’d love to see your images! I’m trying something new on this post which will allow readers to share their images.

If you have a post that has an image that uses this styling trick just add your blog’s name and a link to the post in the widget below. Please make sure to only add a link to a specific page, not just your homepage.